Sail Camp

TYC Summer Sailing Program

Parents – This summer, get your kids away from the Video games and YouTube Videos. They can be outdoors with other kids learning a lifelong skill and a fun, non-impact sport that promotes both teamwork and self-reliance. Girls participate on an equal footing with boys. See the smiles on their faces when they learn they can control a boat by themselves using only the wind, and see the boost in their self-confidence that extends into all areas of their life, including school.

Kids – Come get out on the water, splash around, make new friends, and learn something really different. And have FUN doing it! It’s not hard, any kid that wants to can learn. By the end of the session, you can be sailing your own boat, playing water tag with the other kids. Bigger kids can learn how to race. (It’s an Olympic event) No previous boating experience is necessary. Age limits are generally from 7 to 15. Kids should be in reasonable physical condition (a medical release form is necessary), be comfortable in and around the water, and know how to swim. They should provide their own life jacket, to make sure it fits well. The club provides the boats and other gear.

Each session is two weeks long,

Monday through Friday from 9 am – 4 pm

Sail Camp 2024 Sail Camp Dates are:

FULL!!  June 03-June 14 – Session One – FULL!!

FULL!! June 17-June 28 – Session Two – FULL!!

FULL!! July 08-July 19 – Session Three  –FULL!!

Sail Camp Pricing:

Child/Family Member of TYC Member: $450 / 2-week session

Non-Member: $500 / 2-week session

A deposit of $200 is required to reserve your spot in our program.

Sponsorship Available if needed

Stay tuned for 2025 Sail Camp Information!

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Phone:  (985) 649-5222
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An initial payment of $200 per camper will be required to secure a place in the session
Price: $75.00