Mystic Knights of Light Parade

Parade Date: February 13th, 2021
Captain’s Meeting: February 11th @ 7pm, 2021 (all captains must attend)

In order to participate, we ask that all captains/owners register their vessel before the parade. This allows us to know who will be participating.

    PowerboatSailboatSmall Boat


    By registering for this event, you are agreeing to the following:


    I, the undersigned, know that riding and participating in a boat parade is a potentially hazardous activity that might cause personal injury or even death to myself, riders in my boat, passengers in other boats and parade watchers.

    I attest and verify that I am medically able to participate as a passenger or captain on a boat.

    I knowingly and willingly assume any and all risks associated with participating in the Boat Parade.

    Having read this, I, the undersigned and anyone acting on my behalf, intending to be legally bound, hereby waive and release and hold harmless Tammany Yacht Club, its board of directors, officers, agents, members and volunteers for any damages of any nature whatsoever, including but not limited to personal injuries, wrongful death and physical property damage arising in any way from the Boat Parade.

    I further agree to indemnify Tammany Yacht Club, its board of directors, officers, agents, members, and volunteers from any and all damages that may occur as a result of my actions and/or participation in the parade. This indemnification includes, but is not limited to, attorney’s fees and court costs.