2nd Annual Tammany Yacht Club Fishing Rodeo


Sponsored by Tammany Yacht Club, The Blue Crab, and The Pointe Marina Captains Meeting on Friday May 13 at 6:30 pm at the Tammany Yacht Club (above Phil’s Marina Café) 1196 Harbor Drive, Slidell, LA. Blast-Off at 7:00 am May 14, 2022, at the Pointe Marina 118 Harborview Court, Slidell, LA 70458. Alternate date to be determined. Louisiana (RS 14:214) Fishing contest fraud is a crime in the state of Louisiana. All State and Federal fishing regulations apply to the TYC Rodeo. There are three divisions: Wish-to-Fish Kids (all ages), Adult (13 years and older), and Youth (12 years and younger).
  1. All TYC Rodeo events, including launch and weigh-in will be held at The Point Marina.
  2. All eligible fish must be caught with rod, reel, hook, and line only.
  3. Live bait is allowed in the tournament.
  4. All fish are subject to necropsy. No frozen, spoiled, gutted, mutilated or fish altered, in any way will be accepted by the Weighmaster. Any attempt to defraud or cheat in the TYC Rodeo, in any way, will automatically disqualify the offender(s) and all his/her fish as well as subject the offender(s) to potential imprisonment and fines per the provisions of Louisiana (RS 14:214). All fish weighed will be designated by the Weighmaster by clipping the dorsal or tail fin. The fish can remain property of the contestant.
  5. All fish must be weighed on the designated TYC Rodeo scale. Only fish weighed on the TYC Rodeo scale will be eligible to win. Fish will be weighed only one time. Total length measurement will be used. Furthest point of head, with mouth closed, to furthest tip of tail. The tail will be pinched and swept. The Weighmaster has final authority of the weight and condition of the fish. Weighmaster decision cannot be overruled by anyone. Excessive arguing with organizers or the Weighmaster will result in disqualification.
  6. In the event of a categorical tie, the heaviest of 1 fish from the tied stringers will serve as a tie breaker.
  7. Anglers can register at the captain’s meeting (Friday 5/13 at 6:30 pm at the TYC above Phil’s Marina Café), or the morning of the event at the Pointe Marina (cash, check, or card only), at the TYC bar during normal business hours, or on-line at www.wp.tammanyyachtclub.org. Blast-off starts at first light 5/14. Weigh-in will open at 12:00 pm and close at 1:30 pm. All anglers on each boat must be registered.
  8. You may not cull any fish at the weigh table. Fish must be kept on ice and there shall be no manipulation of the tail of the fish for the tournament. If there is a Redfish with a manipulated tail and it is within ¼ of an inch to 27” the fish will be deemed over 27” and disqualified from the tournament.
  9. Cash or prizes will be awarded for the top 3 heaviest stringers in the adult division. Heaviest stringer is calculated by the total weight of up to 3 fish which may include 1) A maximum of 1 Slot Redfish (minimum 16” and less than 27”) and 2 Speckled Trout (12” minimum), or 2) 3 Speckled Trout.
  10. Cash or Prizes will be awarded for heaviest Redfish, heaviest Speckled Trout, and heaviest other species fish in the Youth Division. No gar fish allowed.
  11. It is the responsibility of each participant to read and follow all rules of the TYC Rodeo and those mandated by state and federal regulations.
The entry fee is $25.00 per adult, and $10.00 per Youth. There is NO boat fee. Raffle Tickets can be purchased for $20.00 each (winner need not be present to win) Any questions or additional information call Rene Marques at 985-290-1171.
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The May 2022 Rodeo has started - please check in again for future dates!