May Day Regatta

Proofing Report for Race 3

Information is provisional and subject to modification
Regatta results saved: Wednesday, August 8, 2018 8:25:59 PM CDT

Sail Finish
Penalty Full Rtg Boat/Skipper Division/Subdivision
1 170 13:20:16.0   PHRF/132 Gotcha Non-Spinnaker/
2 73084 13:26:28.0   PHRF/132 Nightshift Non-Spinnaker/
3 52180 13:31:37.0   PHRF/75 StraitJacket Spinnaker/
4 97 13:34:45.0   PHRF/93 Seduisant Spinnaker/
5 161 13:40:28.0   PHRF/138 Weather Witch Spinnaker/
DNC 7 No Time DNC PHRF/204 Sunset Lady Non-Spinnaker/
DNC H 40 No Time DNC PHRF/132 Isabella Non-Spinnaker/
DNC 77 No Time DNC PHRF/147 2nd Wind Non-Spinnaker/
DNC 102 No Time DNC PHRF/114 Redemption Non-Spinnaker/
DNC 431 No Time DNC PHRF/153 Windsome Non-Spinnaker/
DNC 472 No Time DNC PHRF/51 Crazy Diamond Spinnaker/
DNC 3350 No Time DNC PHRF/168 Blown Circuit Non-Spinnaker/
DNC 15434 No Time DNC PHRF/156 Born to Run Non-Spinnaker/

Information is provisional and subject to modification

Principal Race Officer: Bobby Tassin

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