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Two Against the Lake

March 20th, 2021

Sailing Instructions


Reopening of Tammany Yacht Club  

The club will reopen this Friday, 9/18, with normal days and hours going forward. As part of Governor Edwards’ Reopening Plan, as an organization, we will be allowed to reopen with restrictions.  Here is a copy of the restrictions we must follow; 75% Occupancy for us is 105 people.

Additionally here are more recommendations from the governor’s order to help you stay safe;
According to the Governor’s Stay at Home order: https://gov.louisiana.gov/home

• Practice proper hand washing or use hand sanitizer if water and soap are not readily available
• Keep often touched surfaces clean and disinfected
• Social distancing – stay at least 6-ft away from others
• Stay away from vulnerable family members if possible to reduce spread of the virus
• Stay away from those who are sick or exhibiting symptoms
• Eliminate unnecessary outings​   Stay safe, Frank Bush​ Commodore  

Relevant information:

Sailors – Wednesday night racing has resumed! All boats are welcome, members and non-members alike.

Non-sailors – come out and watch!

Optional skippers’ meeting March 10

First race March 17 – Start time 7 PM on the water

Get those kids out of the house!

Click here to learn more about our Summer Sailing Program

Sailors take note! The TYC “T” mark has been replaced in its original location.

The “C” mark has been replaced and relocated to N 30 11.854 / W 89 49.164

The “Y” mark has been replaced and relocated to N 30 11.308 / W 89 49.448

Tammany Yacht Club is located on the north shore of beautiful Lake Pontchartrain in Slidell, Louisiana. It was granted a charter on July 25, 1980. Within a year, it had been welcomed into the Gulf Yachting Association and enjoys full reciprocal arrangements with member clubs along the Gulf coast from Florida to Texas.

In the fall of 1990, Tammany Yacht Club moved from its Bayou Liberty Location to its current location at Oak Harbor, Slidell, LA. Tammany Yacht Club strives in its quest for a better understanding of the art and science of yachting as a wholesome sport, the promotion of seamanship, the promotion of boat and yacht racing, and the enjoyment of the fellowship that these activities foster.